Form Faktory is a Danish studio based north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
The studio is founded and run by Charlotte Hilleke.

Charlotte is a visual artist working across a number of media, including painting, drawing, collages and print-making. Her artistic practice is grounded in her signature use of neutral tones and a simple visual language along with her take and understanding of form and composition. 
Inspiration comes from her everyday life, watching beautiful forms and shapes where ever she goes, letting the eye travel and inspire. 

Charlotte holds a B.A. in International Marketing and is educated Graphic Designer from advertising agencies. 

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For questions, quotes and collaborations: charlotte@formfaktory.com

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Taupe 01 is the title

"I have painted and created art as long as I can remember. As a teenager I stayed up late at night drawing the night away. I have always been creative, it's my therapy, what I do when I'm happy or sad and what I do to unwind."

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