Charlotte Hilleke, a Danish artist based North of Copenhagen, has been painting and drawing since she was a child.
She has a formal background in graphic design from advertising agencies and holds a B.A. in International Marketing. 


“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had this urge to create and explore various crafts and materials. But it was the raw, untouched material that truly stole my heart. There’s a certain magic in painting that allows me to shape my own visual language, using textures to weave stories of the enchanting world that surrounds us”.

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“What sets my work apart is the subtle art of visual storytelling. Each series I create is like embarking on a journey of imagination. It’s all about connecting visual elements, maintaining a harmonious color palette, and embracing a consistent backdrop of patterns and expressions. With every gentle stroke of the brush, the story of the series evolves, breathing life into each new artwork. 
There’s always a narrative at play.

Those who look closely might notice that each art series is united by a common visual story. You might sense a consistent mood, a harmonious color scheme, a shared narrative that transcends different canvases. 

It’s a mood that I strive to convey through each piece, painting a visual landscape, uniting each art series into the same family within the same season. 

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